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Tempest Development’s Bylaw and Ticketing modules support local government departments in delivering cost-effective code enforcement and related services. As with many organizations, functional boundaries are blurring, resulting in the increased need for business solutions to support and encourage cross-departmental collaboration and cooperation. In addition, systems designed with the ability to grow and adapt will facilitate financial and operational departments in minimizing costs through improved operational efficiencies, improved collaboration, minimizing duplication of information and the challenges associated with the synchronization of that information across multiple departments.

Tempest’s applications for bylaw enforcement and revenue will enable you to streamline operations, automate processes where possible, incorporate workflow management to improve efficiency and accuracy, improve transparency and provide access to services with Web-based services, including self-service facilities. The Complaint Tracking and Calls For Service module, for example, ensures responsiveness to your constituents’ needs but also ensures record keeping of that responsiveness in order to prove compliance and mitigate risk.

Tempest has been assisting local governments to address these challenges since 1993. Our suite of Bylaw Management and Ticketing applications automate difficult tasks, streamlining these often cross-departmental responsibilities. These easy-to-use, integrated systems assist local government departments in efficiently managing important revenue generating operations while, at the same time, improving service levels to both the public and business community. In addition, Tempest’s Web-based applications allow local governments to meet constituents’ expectations for flexibility and access in a cost-effective manner.

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