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Local governments are becoming increasingly challenged with the need to be both responsive and accountable to the public. Tempest’s Calls for Service system provides a sophisticated tracking tool for entry, dispatch and follow-through of externally or internally generated requests for service or complaints. It addresses the needs of a municipality struggling with risk management and the need for improved customer service and responsiveness. By providing a full workflow tracking system, the municipality can be assured that constituents’ requests or complaints are recorded and managed in order to mitigate risk and ensure timely follow up. The system can be integrated with your local government 3-1-1 initiatives where requests can be managed from call entry through dispatch, follow-up and completion.

The system uses workflow processing to track notes, correspondence, repetitive tasks and transfers to other departments. The Calls for Service system is linked with the Tempest Land system for address validation and requester retrieval as well as with your GIS to provide visual access to property selection and consolidation of calls in a geographic area. It also provides higher than normal security so that all departments can use the same database but inquiry and maintenance privileges can be assigned by department.

The most important  issue is that our end users are happy the Tempest system. The modules are consistent and user-friendly. Implementation was smooth and easy once our information was available. Tempest is great to work with and we have found their on-going support unmatched…They have a fantastic team.

Dave Baines

Customer Service Manager / Tempest Manager, City of Lethbridge

  • Minimize risk by ensuring historical data is kept accurately
  • Maximize customer service through efficient workflow tracking and immediate access to information
  • Integration to field devices ensures that requests from the public are processed quickly and efficiently
  • Improved efficiency using integration to your GIS system where maps can help manage geographic workload planning and route optimization
  • Allows for tracking of customer complaints and requests
  • Full workflow supported as the call is tracked through entry, transfer, correspondence and completion
  • The Calls for Service Configuration modules allow for classification of every possible call type
  • Call details that can be tracked include location (civic address or free format), repetitive tasks, bring forward dates and requester information
  • Calls for Service is integrated with the Land module and your GIS for identification of properties
  • Free format properties are supported allowing for searches by either civic address, free form or both in the same query
  • Security is included allowing access to calls by department
  • Frequent callers can be easily identified
  • Properties with frequent complaints and requests can be easily monitored
  • Allows for tracking of recurring service requests with automated re-issue dates
  • Queries allow for identification of repeat callers and locations
  • Any type of file can be attached to a service record (documents, images, etc.)
  • The integration with industry leading mapping technology allows for workload planning geographically and dispatch management optimization
  • Optional integration to Mpowered’s FieldCall allows for remote dispatch, tracking and work order generation using hand-held devices

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