Cash Collections

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The Tempest Cash Collections system facilitates standardization of the cash receipting processes across your organization and choice of applications. Cash Collections is integrated with the Tempest revenue collection products: Taxes, Utility Billing, Dog and Business Licences, Local Improvements, Ticketing and Prospero. In addition, it can also be tightly integrated with most industry leading receivable systems that are used by your municipality and for payment of user configurable miscellaneous items.

Cash Collections allows you to track payments, batches and approvals. It provides automatic updates to all of the Tempest revenue products and non-Tempest revenue products reflecting new balances. Payments are entered by scanning the bar codes or entering the subsystem and payment code, followed by payment amount and type, and finally validating cheques and payment stubs. Full security restricts access to payment entry, approval and batch void functions. The Tempest Cash system acts as a full Point of Sale system allowing for miscellaneous item payments. It can turn any PC into a point of sale station augmented with scanners, cash drawers and printers. In addition, it facilitates the full range of a day’s activity beginning with day open batch creation and finishing with bank deposits.

  • Save time and promote accuracy with complete online, real-time integration to Tempest and non-Tempest receivable systems
  • Save time and provide better customer service by offering the ability to receive payments where dog licences and/or ticket accounts do not yet exist
  • Promote accuracy: all information required to process payments is available onscreen using user-customized entry screens
  • Cost savings on hardware: no custom PC or keyboard is required – any PC can be a cash workstation
  • Improve customer service with the ability to suspend receipts
  • Save time for both the cashier and customer with the ability to default payment amount by subsystem
  • Security for cash management is further enhanced through an easy draw and deposit process allowing for multiple daily draws
  • Complete online, real-time integration to Tempest and non-Tempest receivable systems
  • All information required to process payments is available onscreen
  • Any PC can be a cash workstation without a custom PC or keyboard
  • Point of sale and miscellaneous items are easy
  • Draws and deposits make balancing and bank deposits easy
  • Ability to restrict payment methods by receivable type
  • Ability to identify any type of payment method
  • Capture of payer name at the time of payments
  • Ability to temporarily park a transaction
  • Ability to default payment amount by subsystem
  • Collection of HOG, deferral and installments directly at till
  • Ability to issue building permits directly at till and capture deposit information
  • Messages entered from subsystems are available to the cashier at the till
  • Full support for foreign currency
  • Miscellaneous Items/Point of Sale
  • Define your own list of miscellaneous items organized by category
  • Define custom station-by-station point of sale screens using your own miscellaneous items
  • Set up custom item descriptions, receipt descriptions and scan codes
  • Send items to your General Ledger summarized by receipt number, receipt description or cashier entered reference field
  • Identify unlimited tax rates as percentage or amount by each miscellaneous item

Non-Tempest receivables interface:

  • The AR interface allows you to define external databases from which to look up and update customer balances (immediately online)
  • Look up and update to any database (SQLServer or Oracle) regardless of the database used for Tempest
  • Define the scan codes for your non-Tempest receivable applications
  • Define the screen layout for non-Tempest applications. This can include customer information, balance information and any fields available in your own system
  • Define the update and validation points for your external database
  • All miscellaneous AR payments are approved through Tempest Cash Collections for a single point of access to your General Ledger
  • For more detailed specifications on how the Tempest Cash Collections module interfaces with Tempest applications, please see the following: Property TaxUtility BillingLocal Improvements,LicensingDog LicencesProspero, and Ticketing.
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