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The District of Saanich has been using the suite of Tempest applications since 2000. As a Tempest user, the Saanich Tempest User Group Coordinator and one of the members of the Tempest User Group Executive Committee, I can say that this product has been clearly designed for use by local governments. It is both easy to learn and easy to use. The product is excellent as is the emphasis by Tempest on providing good customer service. The annual User Conference is great!

Doug Stein

Manager of Collections, District of Saanich

Bottom line: A great product! We find the software very straight forward, intuitive and easy to use. We have upgraded the software using our own IT technicians and Tempest technicians, in both cases the implementation of the upgrades has been very smooth with minimal downtime. The professionalism of the training is always high, as the instructor creates an environment that is both informational and fun. Tempest strives to continually offer great software backed by their technical support and training necessary to make their product an industry leader.

Fernando Pimentel

Deputy Treasurer / IT Manager, District of Oak Bay

The most important issue is that our end users are happy with the Tempest system. The modules are consistent and user-friendly. Implementation was smooth and easy once our information was available. Tempest is great to work with and we have found their on-going support unmatched…They have a fantastic team.

Dave Baines

Customer Service Manager/Tempest Manager, City of Lethbridge

The City of St. Albert has relied heavily on the suite of Tempest modules for the last nine years as one of the City’s major corporate financial software applications. Tempest implementation staff have worked closely with staff at the City of St. Albert to ensure that the software meets the requirements for Alberta. Tempest customer support staff are knowledgeable about the software and extremely responsive going above and beyond on many occasions. User feedback is taken seriously by Tempest and incorporated in new releases.

The City of St. Albert’s experience with Tempest has been very positive.

Carole Rowe

Manager of Application Services/Information Technology Services, City of St. Albert

The Tempest Business Licence application is an essential part of the Township of Langley’s Business Licence department. As the department’s main database, this land linked application provides a large range of features that allows us to service the needs of the department and the customer. It is great that the system allows us to incorporate the primary needs of the Business Licence department, which include the tracking of licences, cash transactions, invoicing, and reporting capabilities for resident and non-resident applications. As a key user of the Tempest Business Licence system, I find it to be very user-friendly and the ability to integrate with the Tempest Land system is an important factor to me, whereas time management is significant in maintaining an effective use of resources.

Bev Weller

Business Licence Inspector, Township of Langley

I’ve worked with Tempest Development staff for 12 years and have seen the company grow to include many local governments.  Throughout this time, the services provided by staff have been prompt, informative and courteous.  As needs changed within our organization, Tempest has responded to accommodate them.  Tempest Development continues to demonstrate commitment towards new products & services, which will ensure we can deliver the best municipal services possible to our citizens.

Don Garrish

Business Licence Inspector/Land Systems Coordinator, City of Kamloops

I was new to municipal government when I started and I was very pleased with how easy the Tempest software was to use and learn. I use many of the modules on a daily basis and I feel it’s very intuitive software and very easy to navigate. It is also very forgiving should you make an error! I should also note that all of the staff at Tempest I’ve been in contact with, especially the support staff, have always been extremely prompt and friendly. You can tell it’s a group of people that take pride in their product and really stand behind it and they continually aim to make it the best it can be.

Melanie Bogusz

Development Services, Town of Sidney

We converted to the Tempest Taxation and Utility software in 2008 and haven’t looked back since. Their program is by the far the best I’ve seen and used. Support staff is knowledgeable, not only in software design but also in the actual workings of taxation and utilities and related legislation. Changes in legislation are handled proactively rather than reactively and appropriate program updates are ready well in advance. The system is user-friendly to the point where even an old dinosaur like me feels comfortable navigating it. Help desk staff is available when we need them and respond to requests for help very quickly, getting back to us in a timely manner when necessary. Since our original conversion in 2008, we have added several other modules, including Dog Licensing, and are glad to have done so. Even after 3 years, it is rare that a week goes by where I don’t say “I love Tempest!”

Thank you Tempest Team, you are the best.

Silvia Rutledge

Manager: Revenue & Collections, District of Maple Ridge

It was very refreshing to work with Tempest on the implementation of their software and the subsequent training. Tempest is a company that cares about their clients and what the clients’ needs are. Our ongoing relationship with the Support Desk can only be described as awesome. They are quick to respond and solve issues, always putting the client first. Our implementation of IntelliSearch for Prospero has saved us both time and money in managing our Prospero folders and locating information.

Ed Saffin

Database Technician, Regional District of East Kootenay

The ability to link to properties on a map using Tempest applications is a valuable tool we couldn’t live without. In a world where information needs to be obtained quickly and accurately for customers, departments and employees working in the field, having a user-friendly GIS system is crucial. Tempest allows us to work efficiently by providing us with key functionality needed to perform our jobs skillfully.

Kelly Williamson

Finance Department, District of West Vancouver

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