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The rapid growth being experienced by most communities is putting increasing pressures on local government to find ways of dealing with a multitude of escalating demands while managing their resources in a more cost-efficient manner. Local governments are striving to offer better, more efficient services to the public and business communities. However, in today’s economic climate, especially with revenues dropping, budgets shrinking and public expectations increasing, a new approach to conducting business is required. Managing your local government’s Community Development operations in today’s environment requires a system that is able to streamline operations and automate processes where possible. The ability to incorporate workflow management for improved efficiency, accuracy and bylaw compliance is essential as is access to information through online self-service facilities via the Internet.

Tempest has been assisting local governments address these challenges since 1993. Our suite of Community Development applications automate difficult tasks and streamline licensing and permitting processes. These easy-to-use, integrated systems assist local government in efficiently managing important revenue generating operations while, at the same time, improving service levels to both the public and the business community. In addition, Tempest’s web-based applications enable local governments to meet constituents’ expectations for flexibility and access in a cost effective.

I’ve worked with Tempest Development staff for 12 years and have seen the company grow to include many local governments. Throughout this time, the services provided by staff have been prompt, informative and courteous. As needs changed within our organization, Tempest has responded to accommodate them. Tempest Development continues to demonstrate commitment towards new products & services, which will ensure we can deliver the best municipal services possible to our citizens. Don Garrish

Business Licence Inspector/ Land Systems Coordinator, City of Kamloops

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