Dog Licences

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Tempest’s Dog Licences System is one of a series of integrated property and bylaw control systems for local government. The system allows you to track dog licences, owner information and allows for payment tracking, licence generation and year end renewal of licences.

Like other Tempest products, the Dog Licence module is fully integrated with the Tempest Land module. This allows you to retrieve dogs by civic address or by property owner. Global address corrections will automatically update owner information in the Dog Licences Module.

The Dogs system acts as a subledger to your GL and enables you to perform a transaction upload of all payment, credit and project revenue transactions. You can easily produce reports for manual input into your GL. It is also fully integrated with Cash Collections for payment entry and for tag assignment at the time of payment. The payment and tag can be assigned by the cashier and the account set up later, speeding up service to the customer. The Tag Inventory feature provides full tracking of distributed tag books, preventing loss and duplication of tags.

  • Improve customer service by allowing multiple dogs on each account
  • Reduce time and effort for clerks with a streamlined renewal process which also results in greater revenue
  • As a result of seamless integration with Tempest’s Land module, lost dogs can be tracked more efficiently
  • Increase revenues with the ability to have a multi-tiered rate structure
  • Improved community safety through identification of dangerous dogs
  • Save time issuing tags directly at the cash till when payment is made
  • Time can be saved by customers entering their own dog payments online
  • Integrated with Land Management for owner names and civic addresses
  • Allows separate mailing addresses for civic owners
  • Supports multi-jurisdictional licensing
  • Supports multiple dogs per owner
  • Maintains subledger of payments and charges
  • Tracks tags over multiple years
  • Prints renewal notices
  • Supports multiple fee structures
  • Supports discounts and adjustments
  • Provides complete tag inventory for tracking tag distribution
  • Allows for ‘inquiry only’ security
  • Supports remote input for multiple departmental distribution and payment
  • Supports maintenance of comments
  • Integration with Land module helps find lost dogs
  • Identification of dangerous dogs and additional fees for dangerous breeds/dogs
  • History of moved and deceased dogs
  • Any type of file can be attached to a licence record (documents, images, etc.)
  • All historical bills are archived for future reference
  • Optional integration with electronic billing through epost
  • Integrated with Cash Collections for payment entry
  • Tag issuance at cash till
  • Allows for payments of replacement tags at till
  • Allows for payments of new dogs on existing accounts at till
  • Allows for payments of new accounts at till

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