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The Tempest Electronic Home Owner Grants (eHOG) application is designed to enable municipalities in British Columbia to allow their customers to claim home owner grants via the web.

The eHOG application is an add-on to the eCommerce application that allows homeowners within your municipality to fill out the required information in order to claim their home owner grant online. This module consists of three parts: the online HOG application, the balancing and importing of the application to Cash Payments and the processing of activities relating to some of the applications. The process has been approved by the Office of Home Owner Grant Administration and has been developed in conjunction with BC Tax Collectors.

The eHOG application pages can be linked to any page in your corporate website and they can also be listed in your online payments menu.

The District of Saanich has been using the suite of Tempest applications since 2000.  As a Tempest user, the Saanich Tempest User Group Coordinator and one of the members of the Tempest User Group Executive Committee, I can say that this product has been clearly designed for use by local governments.  It is both easy to learn and easy to use.  The product is excellent as is the emphasis by Tempest on providing good customer service.  The annual User Conference is great!

Doug Stein

Manager of Collections, District of Saanich

  • Save time: Tempest`s eHOG application allows tax adjustments based on user definable adjustment type
  • Reduce time processing paper forms for HOGs: there is no longer a need to re-enter data
  • Reduce risk: eHOG activites ensure that all required paperwork is processed in a timely and accurate manner
  • Increase efficiencies and reduce costs through minimization of paper storage requirements
  • Confidentiality is ensured by the use of an electronic signature
  • Handles all types of home owner grant claims in British Columbia online from your web page
  • Automated validation processes ensure eligibility for grant claimants
  • The application process and community help screens are fully customizable, including the addition of URL links and/or graphics
  • The electronic grant claim screen leads the homeowner through an easy-to-follow form with validation of data elements ensuring all required information is captured
  • The system will inform the customer if the Tax Levies have not been calculated so grants cannot yet be claimed
  • Handles all activities regarding processing of grants that require verification by staff
  • The wording for the electronic grant claim and required data elements are fully approved by the Ministry in charge of home owner grants
  • The optional interface to MyCity will allow the homeowner to find out immediately if their grant claim was successfully accepted

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