Invoicing and Renewals

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The Invoicing and Renewals module is available as a plug-in for Tempest Development’s Community Development solution, Prospero. Historically, this process has been performed manually introducing risk and potential legal exposure as a result of manual errors and missing inspections deadlines. Automating this process reduces the effort associated with the permits process, including the automation of annual renewals, invoicing, and the production and tracking of reminder notices. Simplification and automation of reoccurring tasks results in productivity improvement, reduction of errors and ensures revenue opportunities are not overlooked.

In addition, the ability to ensure that required safety, fire and building related inspections are tracked on an ongoing annual basis will ensure that your responsibility to minimize risk and reduce potential liability claims is met. The ramifications associated with failing to adhere to strict inspection schedules and meet your responsibilities are considerable and your oversight responsibilities ensuring inspections are managed appropriately will ensure your compliance.

  • Reduce risk and limit the potential exposure associated with failing to meet required inspections occurrences and deadlines by creating recurring inspection related tasks
  • Enhanced flexibility in billing process facilitates the potential for a broader range of revenue sources
  • Ensures that renewable permit charges are not missed and enhances accuracy
  • Annual inspection tasks are more closely aligned with your billing cycle
  • Set up recurring inspection tasks on regular cycles
  • Generate invoices on regular cycles
  • Create reminder notices (30/60/90 day reminders)
  • Templates for invoices and reminders are configurable
  • Invoices and Reminders are archived like Tax and Utility bills
  • Show outstanding charges on the Tax Certificate
  • Easily track tasks done annually for ongoing permits
  • Increase productivity for permits that are already renewed manually
  • Follows the configuration options and style of other Prospero folders
  • Generate one off invoices on non-renewable permits
  • A Statement of Account shows all outstanding fees
  • Tempest’s MyCity application for viewing folder information will show all charges related to an invoice
  • Supports a wider opportunity for annual required inspection type tasks including:
    • Fire Inspections
    • Safety Inspections
    • Site Inspections
  • Supports a wider opportunity for revenue sources including:
    • Parking Permits
    • Park Use Permits
    • Legal Secondary Suites
    • Electrical Inspections
    • Fire Alarm Registration
    • Fire Inspection Fees
    • Commercial Annual Permits
    • Cabin Rentals
    • Street Occupancy Permits
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