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Municipalities exist because of their property and people so it just makes sense to have that information available from a central location. The Tempest Land system allows you to reduce the redundancy and cost of maintaining multiple records throughout your municipality, further reducing the likelihood of errors.The Land module is the global foundation with which all Tempest applications are integrated. The Land database forms an inventory of properties, whether taxable or non-taxable, and corresponding information. Details are then accessed by other modules, providing a fully integrated system. These modules can also interface with a large number of industry leading General Ledger systems via tightly integrated export utilities while producing summarized levy, adjustment and payment transactions based on your GL code structure. In addition, they can also be integrated with virtually any GIS application to provide a link to a spatial view of all Tempest properties.The systems are designed with desktop integration in mind. This allows staff to access and manipulate all of the property information using the Windows-based PC applications to which they are accustomed.

The City of St. Albert has relied heavily on the suite of Tempest modules for the last nine years as one of the City’s major corporate financial software applications. Tempest implementation staff have worked closely with staff at the City of St. Albert to ensure that the software meets the requirements for Alberta. Tempest customer support staff are knowledgeable about the software and extremely responsive going above and beyond on many occasions. User feedback is taken seriously by Tempest and incorporated in new releases. The City of St. Albert’s experience with Tempest has been very positive.

Carole Rowe

Manager of Application Services/Information Technology Services, City of St. Albert

  • Improve productivity by having the ability to define appropriate properties to which to attach and share information seamlessly throughout municipal hall
  • Customer service is improved by increased efficiencies of data access and retrieval
  • Historical information is maintained so you have the ability to find anything over the life of the property
  • Properties can be set up well in advance of a formal registered plan and/or folio/roll number being set up
  • Ability to attach any format of document to a land record ensures complete integrity of information
  • Central Property Database used by all departments eliminates duplication of data
  • All information on properties is available in Land as well as all other satellite systems
  • Upload of information from third parties
  • Integration to most industry leading GIS applications
  • The property record represents the link to the GIS and is available from every application that ties to properties
  • Generalized inquiries to a variety of related satellite systems using searches by wild cards and/or words in text
  • Parent/child relationships maintains full history of subdivided properties
  • Secured standard or unique comments for each property
  • Owners, LTO, legal description, PIDs, coding, user-defineable attributes, assessments for each property
  • Mass updating of property data in a plan
  • Interactive interface for property data loads and loading of revised, completed, supplementary and apportionment assessment rolls
  • Any type of file can be attached to a property record (documents, images, etc.)
  • Excellent automated or user-driven interface with BCA, BC LTO and Alberta LTO
  • Ability to integrate with industry leading assessment systems (such as Proval and Compass)
  • Apportionment processing to handle splitting assessments, tax credits and local improvements from parent to child parcels
  • Optional interface for property and business information with FDM (Fire Department Management)
  • Alias, alternate address and unit within properties
  • Property history is kept for the life of the property
  • Audit trails through user and date stamps on all tables
  • Ability to export data for use with spreadsheet, database and word processing systems
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