Local Improvements

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The Tempest Local Improvements system tracks the entire life cycle of a project from the petition phase, through to payment allocations and cost recovery. The system allows you to track each local improvement, specified area, business improvement area or assessment area bylaw for tracking of components (for different calculation methods within a bylaw), for maintenance of the properties benefiting from each bylaw and for processing commuted properties.

All of the information for local improvement bylaws and accounts is maintained in a single application that provides convenient access to all aspects of each applicable bylaw. Like other Tempest products, the Local Improvements module is fully integrated with the Tempest Land module. This allows you to retrieve local improvements by a wide range of search criteria. In addition, the Local Improvements system is integrated with your GIS system for retrieval or selection of applicable properties using integrated mapping tools. Integration with the Tempest Taxation system provides the additional benefit of printing local improvement amounts owing on the tax notice and tax certificate.

  • Improve efficiency by tracking full life cycle of the bylaw
  • Simplifies the complex nature of recovery calculation and cost allocation
  • Expedites setup of properties for the bylaw through integration to GIS and guaranteed accuracy of included properties
  • Simplifies the complexities involved in the commute process through accurate calculations and integration with Cash Collections
  • Convenient integration with tax notices and tax certificates
  • Maintains local improvement bylaws
  • Allows multiple improvements per property
  • Supports specified areas
  • Supports floating or fixed rate cost recovery methods
  • Allows for different class rates within components for properties in different assessment classes
  • Calculates rates using required recovery
  • Supports commuted properties
  • Tracks improvements through subdivision changes
  • Keeps historical record of charges and rates
  • Allows for footnotes on bylaws
  • Shows bylaw summaries by year
  • Any type of file can be attached to a local improvement record (documents, images, etc.)
  • Provides for petition generation and records results
  • Provides for a full range of reporting, including assessment reports and collectors roll reports
  • Integration with your GIS system
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