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Increase transparency and engage your community in the development process with OurCity.

OurCity is a responsive web application that you link to your public website. Visitors can look up details on permits and applications and track their progress from a simple and intuitive interface. OurCity allows your community to serve itself, reducing requests for information and freeing up valuable staff time.

OurCity can be styled to match your branding strategy and allows you to choose the type of information and level of detail you want to share publicly. Information comes directly from Prospero, Tempest’s Permitting and Applications system, providing the latest details about active development in your municipality.

OurCity employs a streamlined interface for intuitive navigation from desktops and laptops as well as modern touch based devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Run from a web browser and employing the latest in responsive design, the interface shifts elegantly to fit multiple screen sizes and layouts. This means that no matter what device your visitors are using, the interface will seamlessly adjust to display information in a clear and appealing layout.

  • Increases transparency
  • Encourages public engagement in the development process
  • Reduces calls from the public, media, and applicants
  • Device independent
  • Improves communication
  • Exceeds customer service expectations
  • Open 24/7
  • Integrates seamlessly with your online offerings and branding
  • eApply for Prospero allows citizens, builders, and developers to apply for permits and applications online.
  • eInspections allows builders to schedule, cancel, and reschedule inspection requests  online.
  • MyCity allows builders and developers to track the status of their permits and applications through a centralized portal
  • eCommerce allows citizens, builders, and developers to pay for permits and applications online.


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