Pre-Authorized Withdrawals

Intuitive by Design | Implemented with Experience | Supported with Passion
The Pre-Authorized Withdrawal (PAWs) system is fully integrated with both the Taxation and Utilities systems. It facilitates improved service and flexibility to your customers by allowing a variety of payment options and the convenience of automated transactions. With the addition of MyCity, customers have access to their account balances for both tax and utility accounts online. The PAWs system performs all installment related activities, allowing for account setup and processing for each step in the installment cycle from generating transactions to creating the bank file, posting the transactions to the subsystems and posting interest to the Tax subsystem.
  • Improved efficiency and convenience by allowing residents signed up on your plans to consolidate withdrawals for multiple properties into one bank transaction thus saving your residents bank fees
  • Simplifies reconciliations between bank withdrawals by providing you with a list of all New, Removed and Altered customer withdrawals between any two sets of bank files
  • Easy to calculate new customer withdrawal amounts using built-in calculators that can be configured to work with your rules for existing debits, credits, home owner grant claims, number of payment periods, rounding methods and minimum payment amounts
  • Adheres to tight auditing principles – never again wonder how or who changed a customer’s account as the system tracks all important account changes in an easy to see log
  • Allows your city to provide more than one style of plan to your residents thus providing flexibility and customer service so that you can attract as many participants as possible and increase your early revenue stream
  • Allows set up of account holders through name search of Land owners and Land properties
  • Integrates with the Tempest Land system so you can remove moved customers from the plan, preventing the need for reversals and refunds
  • Validates bank and transit numbers based on bank maintenance entries
  • Calculates interest on pre-authorized tax payments using simple or compound methods
  • Provides calculator function to automatically determine equal payments based on amount owing on account and number of remaining withdrawals
  • The system will set up period ranges automatically after the first range is entered and assumes standard periods
  • Supports multiple cycles for different withdrawal types
  • Multiple bank accounts can be maintained per PAWs account and multiple accounts can be set up per bank account
  • Preparing and managing the data files for the banks is done in a simple, intuitive manner with many of the settings being preconfigured so that IT staff are freed from these tasks
  • Allows for en-masse recalculation of all customers so that you can keep payment amounts up to date with new tax levies but customers can be exempt from this recalculation process
  • Takes into account the previous year’s Home Owner Grant (HOG) or birth date for recalculation based on HOG type
  • Customers’ withdrawal amounts can even be automatically recalculated when supplemental tax billings are applied with all information being communicated through the messaging on the supplemental tax bill itself
  • Allows you to present messages on your tax notices both to encourage signup and to keep existing participants well informed of upcoming changes to their payment amounts. This means you no longer need to send additional mailouts to customers saving both time and mailing costs
  • Integrates with Tempest tax adjustments to allow you to easily send special notices to customers that have had their withdrawals rejected by the bank. You can have different notices for different situations such as first rejection or second consecutive rejection. You can even set up an activity to the staff member responsible for managing the plan to request that the customer be removed from the plan.
  • Credit balances can be refunded or rolled to taxes
  • Any type of file can be attached to a PAWs account (documents, images, etc.)
  • Reports are designed to help you find the customers that are impacted the most by newly calculated payment amounts
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