Property Tax

Intuitive by Design | Implemented with Experience | Supported with Passion

Legacy Tax Systems were often complex to set up and run. Minimal flexibility was offered unless expensive modifications were purchased. The lack of integration to Land systems resulted in lost time and efficiency. However, Tempest has changed this old paradigm by setting the bar on intuitive, fully configurable and feature rich software.

Tempest Development’s Taxation module performs all taxation related activities required for local government through-out the year. This includes all of the activities leading up to levy generation and billing, as well as tax sale, adjustment entry, deferrals and grant claims.

The City of St. Albert has relied heavily on the suite of Tempest modules for the last nine years as one of the City’s major corporate financial software applications. Tempest implementation staff have worked closely with staff at the City of St. Albert to ensure that the software meets the requirements for Alberta. Tempest customer support staff are knowledgeable about the software and extremely responsive going above and beyond on many occasions. User feedback is taken seriously by Tempest and incorporated in new releases. The City of St. Albert’s experience with Tempest has been very positive.

Carole Rowe

Manager of Application Services / Information Technology Services, City of St. Albert

  • Fully integrated with your jurisdictional Assessment providers and Land Titles databases, which improves operational efficiencies and reduces errors
  • Tightly integrated with the Tempest Land Module so updates to property and owner information are automatically reflected in the Tax system and there is no need for data duplication
  • Improved efficiency because current and historical data is available at your fingertips, saving valuable time
  • Legislative accuracy for audit purposes. This module follows all jurisdictional taxation rules.
  • Save time communicating with external agencies
  • Increased productivity with no loss of revenue through full integration to Online Tax Certificates
  • No need for custom coding and additional expense with Tempest’s customer configurable Tax Bill – control is at the municipal level
  • Integration with all required modules ensures accuracy and saves time because rekeying is not required
  • Year end is fast and easy! Accomplished in a fraction of the time of other systems
  • Facilitates more effective budgeting process through ability to perform test tax runs
  • Meets all government requirements for property tax calculation
  • Tax Levy generation can be reviewed and undone/redone before tax bill print
  • Year specific system allowing for historical transactions and year end roll over
  • Maintenance of all tax levies by property class, basis of levy (general, hospital, school or transit, net or gross, land, improvements or both)
  • Maintenance of standard parameters, including maximums, ceilings and minimum taxes
  • Calculates interest on arrears and delinquent
  • Pre-Authorized withdrawal integration
  • Prepayment options include lump sum interest
  • Maintenance of interest rates and calculation on daily interest
  • Allows for complete home owner grant calculation and reporting (BC only)
  • Applies payments based on standard taxation sequencing
  • Allows for entry of standard and non-standard payments, including deferrals, cash installments, and home owner grants (including senior, retro and retro senior)
  • Allows for loading of payments from banks
  • Allows for tax inquiry at time of payment, including outstanding balance, breakdown of charges and interest as well as a view of details, installments or both
  • Allows for tax adjustments entered based on user-definable adjustment type
  • Adjustments provide for generation of refund vouchers and NSF letter generation
  • Any type of file can be attached to a tax account (documents, images, etc.)
  • Tax bills can be printed on multiple printers in logical groupings
  • Customer configurable tax bill
  • Automated adjustments for supplementals, reversals, voids etc.
  • Full integration to Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Tempest Cash Collections
  • Handles the tax sales calculations, reporting, letter generation and redemption
  • All historical bills, reminders and NSF letters are archived for future reference
  • Can be integrated with Tempest’s eGovernment solution set, including WEB inquiry and MyCity
  • Tax information can be accessed with Tempest’s powerful IntelliSearch module for simple, user-friendly, ad-hoc reporting and data analysis

Processing functions include:

  • Penalty processing
  • Tax year end
  • Rolling overdue utilities to arrears
  • Rolling tax credits to installments
  • Rolling tax installments to taxes
  • Write offs under or over a specified amount
  • Mortgage company and account maintenance
  • Tax deferral tracking, including application, renewal and cancellation
  • User-defined penalty dates and percentages

Reporting functions include:

  • Complete batch reporting
  • Approval registers
  • Edit lists
  • Trial balances
  • tax roll
  • GL transactions listings
  • statistical analysis