Prospero IntelliSearch

Intuitive by Design | Implemented with Experience | Supported with Passion
Tempest’s IntelliSearch Modules provide significantly enhanced query and search capabilities. IntelliSearch allows you to build and save your own queries without SQL expertise. Not only will IntelliSearch increase your productivity, but it can save you time and money by not having to request custom queries from either Tempest or your IT Department.

IntelliSearch can ensure that your data is set up appropriately and can help you find missing revenue, locate that proverbial needle in a haystack, and gather statistical information that may not be available from Tempest’s standard queries.

Users can create their own list of queries based on personal preferences and job requirements. The queries can then be designated public or private. Created queries are stored as customer “in-house” queries that are saved in the system permanently or until deleted. Special security has been assigned so that users can run queries but not create them or so that queries can be built by specialists for other users.

We have been pleased with the results of our query search results and ability to customize. It has saved numerous hours and reliance on staff support to otherwise extract information. The module serves as the next logical step in progression for Tempest users that are looking to extract more capabilities out of their existing system.

Robert Baker and Shauna Vandenberg

Township of Langley

Sample Customer Queries

  • Accessory building more than 50m² issued after 2006
  • BCAA – SFD folders with accepted final inspections in 2009
  • Building permits issued without a clerk’s follow task
  • Permits issued in highpoint
  • Land area transferred to Township (by year)
  • SFD folders with an accepted final inspection in the last month
  • Folders (no manager) issued and not completed
  • Commercial and multifamily permits for DCC rate revisions
  • Folders that have an approved final without being complete
  • Folders that have issued date but status of received
  • Folders without issue date
  • Outstanding permits not approved – accessory, basement, secondary suite, demo, mobile, pool
  • Outstanding permits not approved – residential
  • Outstanding building permits without an accepted final inspection
  • Permits that are active but expired (older than 2 years issued)
  • Residential – new and additions with and without secondary suites
  • Residential – SFD permits since March 2008 by user
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