Revenue Systems Management

Intuitive by Design | Implemented with Experience | Supported with Passion

Revenue Management and interdepartmental coordination and sharing of information are some of the most critical challenges facing local government today. Compounding this business reality is increasing expectations by constituents for access to information and your municipality’s own budget concerns. Tempest has been assisting local governments with addressing these challenges since 1993.

The Tempest suite of property software enables local governments to focus on all aspects of revenue operations by combining a comprehensive set of applications that are seamlessly integrated through a centralized Land Management system. The integrated suite of Tempest products ensures the municipality uniformity of data, no data redundancy and more efficient and effective access to information to enable more timely and critical business decision making.

In addition, Tempest’s web based applications enable local governments to meet constituents’ expectations for flexibility and access in a cost effective manner.

“Bottom line: A great product! We find the software very straight forward, intuitive and easy to use. We have upgraded the software using our own IT technicians and Tempest technicians, in both cases the implementation of the upgrades has been very smooth with minimal downtime. The professionalism of the training is always high, as the instructor creates an environment that is both informational and fun. Tempest strives to continually offer great software backed by their technical support and training necessary to make their product an industry leader.”

Fernando Pimentel

Deputy Treasurer / IT Manager, District of Oak Bay

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