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OnBase by Hyland

One of the world’s largest independent ECM software vendors, Hyland Software is the developer of OnBase. An award-winning suite of document and process management solutions, OnBase has a proven record of solving problems resulting from time consuming, costly and error plagued manual tasks. Available on-premises or as software as a service (SaaS), OnBase installs quickly, cost effectively and is designed to grow with organizations. Today, people at more than 11,000 organizations in 67 countries have the time to do the things that really add value thanks to OnBase.

Itron Inc

Itron Inc. is a leading technology provider to the global energy and water industries. Our company is the world’s leading provider of intelligent metering, data collection and utility software solutions, with nearly 8,000 utilities worldwide relying on our technology to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. Our products include electricity, gas, water and heat meters; data collection and communication systems, including automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI); meter data management and related software applications; as well as project management, installation, and consulting services. To know more, start here: the seamless interface from Tempest’s Utility Billing system to Itron’s Meter Reading Software MV-RS, Tempest customers will recognize increased efficiencies, timeliness and accuracy in the collection of data for their meter billing processes.

Tempest also collaborates with Itron in assisting you with projects that can help implement more effective meter reading solutions such as Itron’s ChoiceConnect data collection suite.

Pacific Alliance Technologies

Pacific Alliance Technologies, a member of StarDyne Technologies, provides proven CAD and GIS solutions and services for local and regional governments. Easy, flexible and affordable, Pacific Alliance’s solutions enable government staff to manage, query and analyze spatial, attribute and financial information. Delivered via a web browser, data is integrated from multiple sources to deliver a solution that streamlines Asset Management and facilitates self-service for the public. With a combined 120+ years of technical experience, Pacific Alliance is lauded in the industry as a GIS technology and service provider.Tempest partners with Pacific Alliance Technologies to provide GIS integrated solutions for all Tempest’s property based modules. Where Tempest currently provides the link to your spatial data from within our applications, Pacific Alliance adds the benefit of customized GIS solutions and implementation of customer-driven software solutions that will make the Tempest/GIS relationship within your organization more productive and easy to use.

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