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Tempest’s Ticketing Information system is designed to manage the entire process from ticket issuance through collection and, if required, adjudication and/or prosecution. Tickets for all bylaw related fines are supported including bylaw type infractions, parking offences and false alarms.

Tempest’s Ticket system is also tightly integrated with Electronic Commerce to allow for payments via your municipal website and to industry leading ticket issuing software and hand held enforcement devices used in the field. Tempest’s process is flexible and supports real-time, batch or manual entry of tickets issued. Tickets can now be issued, recorded and paid in real-time quickly and conveniently via Tempest’s web-enabled electronic commerce solution, resulting in greater efficiencies and faster revenue recognition.

Tempest’s Ticketing workflow processing steps your users through the full process of managing bylaw infractions, including automated notice processing and tracking of all historical correspondence. The Ticketing system can be integrated with industry leading General Ledger systems, acts as a subledger to your GL and allows you to upload all transactions into your GL.

  • One system handles both your bylaw infractions and parking offences
  • Increase revenue through accurate tracking of all outstanding ticketed offences
  • Convenience and simplification of payment collection through the eCommerce interface
  • Ensure maximum revenue through interfaces to Collection Agencies and/or court summonses
  • The interface to Mpowered’s remote blackberry device or similar ticket issuing software and hand-held devices ensures that tickets are in the Tempest system immediately and the customer can pay them before additional charges apply
  • Integration to industry leading hand-held enforcement devices and software
  • Integration to Tempest Cash Collections for payments made at the till even before the ticket is entered into the system
  • Integration through export/import functionality to obtain mailing addresses based on vehicle registration information from required agencies
  • Integration with the Tempest Land system for property based offences including owner and address information
  • The ticketing window allows you to track offences against individuals, properties or vehicles, including offence dates, the bylaw in question, young offenders and police and court file references
  • All municipal bylaws are configurable, enabling the municipality to store bylaws numbers, descriptions, including sections, start and end dates and standard fines and discounts
  • Allows entry and maintenance of standard fines
  • Supports identification of young offenders
  • Allows identification of infraction location including civic address, free form location and meter location
  • Maintains subledger of payments, adjustments and charges
  • Supports discounts, voids, refunds, adjustments, cancellation of voids, court disputes, warrants, prosecutor referrals, adjudications and reissuance of all tickets
  • Includes fast entry of parking tickets for hand written tickets issued in the field
  • Automatic letter generation for warnings, reminders and other required circulation
  • Any type of file can be attached to a ticket record (documents, images, etc.)
  • Payments can be made online through Tempest’s eCommerce application
  • Supports mandated purging of mailing information for paid tickets
  • Supports a list of uncollectible owners that will be excluded from the summons process
  • Allows a full range of reporting, including transaction Reports and Bylaw Reports, Offense Summaries and Tow Lists
  • Meets all requirements of British Columbia Bylaw Adjudication Process

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