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The Tempest Development Group provides training both at your site and at ours. Initial training courses are held during the implementation phase at your site for a maximum of six participants per class. This training coincides with your data conversion and live dates so that you are confident using the Tempest systems when the cutover from your old system begins.

On-site training at your facility can be provided by Tempest, offering customized training classes for your specific business requirements. Tempest can design a custom instruction package to fit your time and training criteria, including modified and enhanced courses. These courses are a great opportunity to train new staff. They are also a great opportunity for existing staff to receive refresher training so they can take advantage of many of the new features in Tempest and ask specific questions related to your business processes. Clients who have taken advantage of these training opportunities have found them to be very beneficial for learning about new features that have been released, learning how other municipalities use the software, and enhancing their Tempest knowledge. Examples of the some of the training classes offered by Tempest are:

Prospero Super User Refresher Training

This is a 1 to 2 day session for Prospero Super Users who have been using the Prospero Configuration program but would like a refresher on some of the features they are currently using, incorporating any new features and tips and tricks to help them with the maintenance of the Prospero system. This is the perfect opportunity for staff to come with any questions, thoughts and ideas.

Prospero Advanced User Training

This 1 day course focuses on some of the advanced functionality in Prospero. We will cover best practices for processing adjustments relating to Development Cost Charges, Deposits and Charges. We will also discuss the purpose of the Day End Close process and walk through some of the errors staff may encounter while processing the Stats Canada monthly submittal. As part of this course, we will take a look at some sample e-form templates, the setback calculators, and some of the new features in Prospero. This training session provides an opportunity for staff who have been using Prospero to ask questions, review processes, and get some refresher training.

Cash Training

This is a full day of training that includes a half day of Cash Payments training for end users and a half day for supervisor training for Cash Queries and Cash Configuration. In addition to covering the day to day use of Cash Payments and Cash Queries, setting up new POS layouts, batch balancing, and other miscellaneous items will be covered. Whether attendees are experienced staff members or new to your team, they will learn about new features and additional functionality that help make their jobs more efficient and pick up some tips and tricks.

IntelliSearch Query Building

Need some help writing specific queries? Not quite sure how to use the IntelliSearch module to its fullest potential? Tempest can assist you with writing queries and helping you find the data you are looking for quickly and effortlessly. The length of this training course depends on the number of modules you have.

Advanced Utility Training

Do you have questions about Utilities? This 1 day course is the perfect opportunity for users to come with all their questions about Utilities and get answers. This course is for users who have been using the Utility system and would like some more advanced training on adjustments, readings, system configuration, and tips and tricks to help them in their everyday job functions.

Open Sessions – Your Choice of Topics
A Tempest Trainer will be on-site to help with day to day questions that come up. This is a time to ask any question, receive training on a subject of choice, have us walk through specific processes, and help with any problems staff may be encountering. We can go from desk to desk helping with live questions that come up to provide immediate assistance with the end result of improvements in your staff performance levels.

If you want further information on our training services, please call 604-597-2846.

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