Utility Billing

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Tempest’s Utility Billing module addresses the complex requirements of local government user rate related billing functionality for the tracking, billing and collection of utilities such as water, sewer, garbage and recycling. Driven by complexities as a result of diversity of bylaws, utility systems have historically been difficult to set up and maintain without expensive and ongoing custom configuration. Tempest’s system allows for fully customer configurable rate structures, billing cycles and the bill itself, which makes it much faster to implement and cheaper to maintain than historical billing systems. It is fully integrated with Tempest’s Land, Tax, Pre-Authorized Withdrawals and Cash Collections systems as well as meter reading software and mobile data gathering devices.

We converted to the Tempest Taxation and Utility software in 2008 and haven’t looked back since. Their program is by the far the best I’ve seen and used. Support staff is knowledgeable, not only in software design but also in the actual workings of taxation and utilities and related legislation. Changes in legislation are handled pro-actively rather than reactively and appropriate program updates are ready well in advance. The system is user-friendly to the point where even an old dinosaur like me feels comfortable navigating it. Help desk staff is available when we need them and respond to requests for help very quickly, getting back to us in a timely manner when necessary. Since our original conversion in 2008, we have added several other modules, including Dog Licensing, and are glad to have done so. Even after 3 years, it is rare that a week goes by where I don’t say ‘I love Tempest!

Thank you Tempest Team, you are the best. Silvia Rutledge

Manager: Revenue & Collections, District of Maple Ridge

  • Increase forecasting accuracy – historical data is maintained online, allowing for trend analysis.
  • Improve business processes with flexible end-user created reporting
  • Improved accuracy and reduced time through integration with mobile meter reading software and devices
  • Save time with the ability to estimate both automatically and manually
  • Save even more time with automated adjustments for reversals, voids and reading errors.
  • Improved constituent service by providing accurate billing and full integration to Tempest’s eCommerce and MyCity system which allows for convenience to the citizen for bill inquiry and payment
  • Follows the complete utility cycle from meter reading entry through to billing
  • Provides for scaled metered, fixed metered and flat rate billing methods
  • Multiple billing cycles and routes
  • Final billing and amended billing procedures
  • Allows for both manual and automatic estimates
  • Operator prompted workflow management for shut off, turn off and meter replacement functionality ensures accuracy
  • Maintains meter locations including footnoting and multiple meters per property
  • Maintains consumption, meter reading and billing history information for as many years as you wish to keep online
  • Can be integrated with Tempest’s powerful IntelliSearch Module for simple, user-friendly, ad-hoc querying and detailed data analysis
  • Provides tenant billing as well as special billing notes requested by owners or tenants
  • Allows for minimum charges
  • Allows for discounting or penalty calculations
  • Provides online, real-time inquiry for immediate access to account information
  • Can base calculations on discount situations
  • Supports garbage container management
  • Any type of file can be attached to a utility account (documents, images, etc.)
  • Prints utility bills on pre-printed forms/laser stock with bar codes for interface with Cash Collections and MICR codes for interface with the banks
  • User configurable bill layout
  • All historical bills, reminders and NSF letters are archived for future reference
  • Interface to Pre-Authorized Withdrawals facilitates a wide variety of payment types such as equalized payments or auto debit
  • Interface to hand-held meter reading devices by export of accounts in route/sequence order and import of readings for consumption calculation
  • Title transfers in the Land system cause automatic updates in the Utility system
  • Tightly integrated with:
    • Tempest Taxes for year end rollover
    • Land for property and owner information
    • GIS systems
    • Cash Collections for payment entry and bank imports
    • Tempest’s web applications for online payments and account inquiry through eCommerce and MyCity
  • Full range of reporting, including:
    • Fund and trial balancing reports
    • Approval registers
    • Edit lists
    • Revenue accrual reports
    • Reminder letters
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