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The Web Inquiry application, in conjunction with Tempest’s Web Customer tracking module, provides the next level of access to your staff, customers, mayor and council, and the public. By linking to or embedding the Tempest Web Inquiry application in your Web site, you can provide public access to property information. This allows for controlled access to your property database from your Web site, allowing basic searches of civic properties.
  • Define the information to which the public has access
  • Set up customers that can search information on your Web server
  • Track each account, the users for that account, the functions to which they have access, and customer transaction history
  • Keep a balance for each Web customer. The system draws against that balance for each inquiry made by a customer.
  • Control the functions available and the revenue groups that payments are posted through using the Web Customer program
  • Provide standard queries to select properties for looking up specific property information, which can be distributed freely or for a fee and secured by customer account
  • Use for Web searches from lawyers, agencies, homeowners or as an intranet for your own remote sites
  • Assign dollar values to each available inquiry function
  • Post payments from Web customers through Tempest Cash Collections or Tempest eCommerce
  • Issue Tax Certificates
  • Map-enabled to view selected properties on a map or to select properties from your desktop mapping solution

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